In which I like it

May 31, 2011

A friend of mine suggested that I talk about some things I like. So, here goes:

I like emeralds. Shimmering like deep pools of water, I find them irresistible. I have two good, very clear emeralds, about a third of a carat each (i.e., not that big) that I had made into a ring with a big sapphire and a tiny diamond. I love this ring and wear it every day. I love gems in general, their clarity and rich color, I always have.

My great-grandfather, who died before I was born, was in the jewelry trade in Europe, and his daughter, my grandmother, was the beneficiary of much of this bounty. As a child, I would play in her jewelry boxes, and received as a present a purple velvet bag of cut-crystal gem samples in all colors and sizes. I played with that bag of crystal gems for years; it disappeared after a house fire when I was twelve. I miss that bag of fake gems.

I love big, wild cats. I wish I had magical powers so that I could commune with them and I don’t know, romp through the jungle or the savannah as their equal. And I would never once covet their luxurious pelts or touch their fur with an eye toward piecing together a really stunning coat.

I love my dreams. So many dreams I have incorporate elaborate amusement parks with great, implausible rides. In real life, I rarely go to amusement parks — maybe because they’re in my dreams so often, maybe because I am terrified of roller coasters. But my dream roller coasters are always really fun, as are the Slide of Incredible Height and the Spin-n-Shop. And everything is beautiful and candy-colored.

I also dream about Jonathan Richman pretty frequently. Sometimes he comes to see me perform, sometimes he is performing and turns to sing directly to me. Once, we wrote a song together, which, sadly, I neglected to transcribe. But, yay! Free dream concerts!

The last thing I’ll mention that I love is love. I am a true Libra, with Libra rising and Venus in Libra. Love is so much fun! And it’s also horrible, which is fun in its own special way. I miss being in love, and have convinced myself that I will never have another boyfriend, based on not having met anyone in the six months I’ve been largely confined to my apartment. Cupid! Why do you torment me so??

Oh! And I also love you.



  1. I love gems too. When I was a kid, I had several books full of glossy photos of gems, and I could pore over them all day long. We lived near DC too, and I kept begging my parents to take me to the Natural History museum so I could gawk at all the gems in person. Alas, they were not too keen on that. Parking sucks downtown, you see.

    I too hate roller coasters. My sister worked at Six Flags in IL when I was younger, and she took me on every single roller coaster there was the summer I was 12. I was terrified. I don’t think I’ve been on a roller coaster since.

    • I still have those books! I love them. And I love the Museum of Natural History, too. I could stare at the Hope diamond for an hour.

  2. I loved gems too. I also wanted to jump in the pile of fake gemstones and jewelry at the end of The Pirates of the Carribean ride at Disneyland and swim in it! I had to settle for playing that a board game my parents had that was supposedly some sort of ancient game that had little cubbie holes to put stones in. (I can’t remember the name of it).

    Rollercoasters aren’t my thing either.

    And I love you… and Xamavar too. 😉

    • I do not know this game! But I love the concept of rolling around in pirate treasure.

  3. I have a bunch of those gem samples too! My grandfather’s father was a jeweler. Originally from Russia, set up shop in NYC. My grandfather got a degree from City College in gemology or something and used to make jewelry too but his actual job was with the National Weather Service. I don’t know what happened to all the stuff he had – the tumbler, the buffer, etc. but I have the fake jewels in my jewelry box – along with a couple of cameo molds – that my kids like to play with.

    • That’s so cool that you have the gems, too! It was my favorite toy. That and a tatty old fox-fur stole (with head), named Fur Fur. Maybe I was Princess Anastasia in another life and I’m trying to hold onto the shards of my once-grand aristocracy, yes, clearly that is the correct answer.

      • Dude. My other grandmother had a fox fur stole. I was given it when she died. I loved it even though it freaked me out. He had a clip under his chin that closed onto the tail so it wouldn’t fall off when you wore it. So stylish! I think we may have been separated at birth!

      • There is no doubt. We were separated at birth. Royal birth.

  4. Rollercoasters are one of the many enemies of GAD! And this was a lovely post. As much as you need to vent the anguish and anxiety, this pouring out of happiness is VERY important!

  5. I love you, too.

  6. I was always jealous of the girl who lived across the street from me who had a rock tumbler. She could make any rock look like jewels. I just had rocks. I learned to love them later, though, when I moved across the street from a geologist who used to give me her castoffs. I still have a monster hunk of rose quartz around here somewhere. I think AJ has run off with it. But it’s a good thing to hold in your hand.

    • My grandparents had a rock tumbler (why? Unsure). It was very satisfying to play with the tumbled rocks.

  7. I love how quickly you transition from like to love, such a libra trait–to not merely like but LOVE. I have libra rising too, so I can relate, and I also love you too!

    • That’s funny–I didn’t even realize I’d done that! I am such a libra.

      And I love you, too!

  8. Let us meet and spread out our family trees upon the table. I can show you all the points at which my illustrious family climbed onto the New World by way of the Virginia coastline circa 1609. Perhaps we intersect somewhere? Tea? Scone? Do try the snozzberry jam, dear, it’s DIVINE!

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