In which there’s a little dread

March 22, 2012

One reason I feel ambiguous about my mom’s next visit is the memory of her helping me last year. My cat was yowling in the stairwell, and I asked her to please, please go mollify the cat so that he wouldn’t bother my neighbors. I didn’t want them to complain about me, my ultimate fear being eviction.

My mother’s response: “Well, maybe it’s God’s will that you get a new apartment.”



  1. Tell yer mom the tarot cards sent you a message from unknown gods that she has to scram by next Thursday (!) so we can have our Wiccan party. These gods’ wills are ferocious

    • I’m not sure when she’s coming. Probably next Thursday. She’s not staying with me.

      • Ooh lordy, we’ll have to send her on some errands. “I heard there’s an amazing Biblical healing room just up the 101. Rick Santorum is coming, it’ll be awesome … go ahead and scout it out for us. Oh, and I found this new amazing cancer diet in the Star, all we need for the juicer is one head of albino squirrel and some logan berries … better get hunting!”

      • Mmmmmmmm!

  2. I hear God’s a lousy landlord.

  3. God’s will leaves everything to Zeus. Except the holly grail which goes to Dionysus.

  4. Wait! There’s a Wiccan party starting next Thursday and no one invited me? You KNOW I spent, like, several weeks in my 21st year being a very serious Wiccan.

    • Several weeks? This makes you the most experienced! Commune with us psychically, please.

  5. Your mother’s god certainly isn’t the same God as my loving, comforting, non slumlord, Aslan-looking God….

    (I too, love to think God is the lion in the Narnia books…)

    • I don’t know what goes on in her mind that she would think that the best option for me while undergoing chemo would be to be evicted and have to move.

      • You could tell her then you’d be FORCED to move in with her … Boom, instant cat coddling!

      • Good point!!

  6. Wow.

    • Right?

      • Have you ever read The Artists Way? Your mother (like mine) is a Crazymaker. I couldn’t help thinking of you and her as I read chapter two this morning.

      • I have read it, a long time ago. I should revisit it so I have some defenses in place. Crazy maker is right.

  7. Very helpful.

    • Ain’t she, just?

  8. I’m not trying to be harsh, but if she wasn’t your mother would you be spending time with this woman?

    • Well, no. But she is. I control and limit my time around her as best I can.

  9. WWAD — What Would Aslan Do?

    • I don’t know!

  10. Also- found something the other day that you might like. I’ll stick it in the mail tomorrow.

    • Oh, excitement!!!! Thank you. Xo

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