In which there is Drama!

March 28, 2012

Sooooooooo… Because my brain, unattended, wanders down convoluted paths, I decided to text my mother so I did. And I went off/drew some boundaries about a couple of things, of which being that I like my apartment, I am not moving from my apartment, and I will scream until the police come of anyone tries to evict me. Scream!!!

Oh, the phone call I got. “All lies! I would never say that!!!” oh, the drama. There was an attempt at ferreting out my source, but I was steel.

There was a brief review of the “Shut up the cat/God wants you to have a new apartment.” incident, which she attributed to a lack of knowledge of how one might go about this impossible task, despite having lived with multiple cats for, oh, 28 or more years.

Anyway, I refused to give up my source, which no doubt just made my mother more wiley, but I made myself clear. I am not moving.

I’m sure she is pissed, but there’s nothing I can do. It does seem plausible that she told people she hates my apartment. Oh, well. It’s my weird little apartment. I like it.


TV on for company.



  1. Again, I LOVE your apartment!!!!

    • And it loves you!

  2. And I LOVE your apartment too! I love the layout and the large closet and the windows and the locale. And especially the way you decorated it. It’s YOU and it’s wonderful.


    • Thanks, miss. Why do I let these things get to me?

      • Last time I checked, you’re human, so it’s perfectly understandable.

        I am glad you gave her a piece of your mind, so you could have some peace of mind… it probably felt good to lay down some ground rules….


      • It did, but now I’m waiting for the backlash.

  3. I love your apartment (the parts you’ve shared via photos) – what’s not to love? It’s nicer and more put together than the crap hole in which I live, that’s for sure. And, I bet you aren’t stepping on Ken heads and Barbie shoes in the night either.

    • I do tend to photograph the neater corners, and not so my my end table, Madame Violet’s Mystagoric Pharmacoepium of Concoctions, Remedies, and dissolving powders. It’s a little less glamorous than some other areas, but still.

      • Well, I can live with the illusion that you are lounging in splendor. Maybe you should tidy up those bottles and arrange them in an artistic way. It’s really the least you can do.

      • Maybe make some kind of fanciful sign, with glitter.

  4. Good for you! The last thing you need right now is the stress of moving. And moving ALWAYS sucks. xoxox

    • It does. It just does! My mother claims this was never her intention. It’s hard to know what to say.

  5. Every part of your apartment that I have seen via photos, I have loved.

    • thanks! You know, it is a weird little place, but it’s home.

  6. I love that photo! Looks like the most lovely place to sit with friends having some wine. I’m glad you stood your ground!

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