In which things shake out

May 4, 2012

So, after some really intense fighting yesterday, I think things have shaken out a bit.

For which I am grateful.

I have never embraced the pink bracelet culture of cancer fighters. It just didn’t really jibe with my vision, or whatever. But my friend Mickey came down to visit, giving me a pink rubber bracelet like the one she was wearing. It reads, Cancer Sucks, and I was like, Yeah. Pretty much. So I’m now wearing the bracelet in her honor.

And this arrived:


So that’s a big plus. Things are looking up.

Today is better than yesterday. Let’s hope that’s a continuing trend.



  1. Oh wow. That looks good! I am very glad to hear your day is better and that you are feeling less angry. At least for today, right now. xxoo

    • Thank you! Yeah, I’m good without the rage, too.

  2. Here’s to every new day being better than the previous…and here’s to beautiful sweets!!

    • It was so delicious! I wish I could send you each a sample of this wonderful tart.

  3. I agree… here’s to better days, and delicious looking desserts! xoxo

  4. Better days & tasting yummy food…sounds good lady. Keep on keepin’ on…

    • Right on, sister!

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