In which we wish a happy birthday

October 4, 2012

Hello, everyone, Becky here.

Today is Turquoise/Violet’s birthday. To mark the occasion, I am posting the link to a PDF that contains all the wonderful remembrances you were so kind to send; a copy of the memorial program, copies of all of the readings, and the wonderful eulogy that Don Wood wrote and delivered.

Please let me know if you sent a remembrance and it is missing in the online copy; I will remedy any mistakes that I inadvertently made.

A note to those who could not attend the memorial; an unexpected freeway closure kept several people from making it to the service, including Melitta, the officiant. She made it to the gathering afterwards and made her remarks there; it was nice since there were quite a few people that were similarly delayed, so they got to experience a bit of the service, too. I am remiss in not asking Melissa for a copy of her remarks; I will try to get them.

Here is the link to the downloadable PDF. (caution, large file)

Thanks, and I hope you are celebrating our wonderful friend in your own way today.



  1. Thank you for this.

  2. What a wonderful gift to find in the mail! I missed the memorial.
    But, yesterday something odd happened. My son Sean,when he worked in San Francisco, found all sort of odd objects in his job as a bus cleaner.
    Years ago, he was cleaning out the stuff and showed me an odd piece. I thought it was a bolo tie slide, but it wasn’t. A piece of turquoise the size of a half dollar, obviously handcast in silver in a squash blossom style. Looking at I realized it was a ring as it was bent and promptly pulled out my trusty nedle nose plies, plying it back into a ring.
    I haven’t worn that ring for a while, but yesterday early morning,went into my secret box and put it on. Now I know why. Turquoise and I met in Tucson and stayed phone/email friends, sharing late night calls and tarot readings.
    I consider this a message from her – she was so vibrant, esoteric, talented and just so much more.
    A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of her in some way.
    Thank you Becky for doing this wonderful homage to our beloved Miss T.

  3. I was flying in a plane on t’s birthday. Thought of her up in the clouds. Miss her.

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