In which the tyger is burning bright

March 30, 2012

My best friend from high school is here and while I am so overwhelmingly glad, I am also in the worst of all possible moods.

Part of the moodiness came from opening up the important, i.e., expensive mail, to see what was in there. Idiocy! Sheer idiocy. A survey from some shyster lawyer admonishing me for not filling out his previous survey which asks, among other puzzling questions, whether the “treatment named above,” which is not named, might have been caused by a slip-and-fall at work, or at the hands of another party, possibly during a violent crime.

No, I do not believe that the treatment, which by the date I can tell was chemoembolization, was necessitated by a work accident, you fucking stupid motherfucking ambulance chasers. Which I informed them in the margins.

My irritation is exacerbated by the fact that I have two mutant wisdom teeth growing in, and they hurt. My wisdom teeth, once they started, never stopped emerging. Do I have room for them? Hell no! Are my teeth already fucked up? Why, yes! Yes they are. It is my least favorite physical feature, my smile. I also have a cross-bite, which complicates things. Regardless, I don’t want any more fucking useless teeth. I feel you, little babies around the world, with those awful white pegs eroding your perfect gums. It does hurt. And you’re just on the first set.

I guess if you’re in a really shitty mood, it doesn’t hurt to have a slightly menacing smile.

Not amused.



  1. Very Lionel Hutz…

  2. I’ve been cranky this week, too. Suppose if we merged our cranky streams together it would be like in Ghostbusters? I vote we aim it at ambulance-chasing lawyers.

  3. Violet –
    You are too damn funny for words. “The Angriest Woman In The World” with fair cause.
    I fell over in laughter about the lawyer – where is Miss Dubois when you need her! Run over him with a streetcar named anything you like.
    Why yes, it has been a shitty weekend. My favorite cat passed away, the computer is down partially, and am waiting on my “approval” by some incompetent office manager regarding my fun! angioplasty. I can hardly wait, no, screw waiting, do it NOW!
    I WANT TO LIVE! Oh, that’s just a movie.
    Of course, the frosting on the cake was Boob sent a card from Tombstone.
    You are starting to get that “Liz Taylor” piss off look in those gorgeous blue peepers.
    I am going to take a nap if possible. And cry some more over poor Rito’s crossing due to incompetence.
    Here’s to sharp wit and even sharper knives.
    Miss Tsunami

    • I am terribly sorry to hear about your beloved cat. That is devastating and I send my love.

      I send my love also for your health ailments. You are on my mind.


  4. And I hope you can dash some boats against the rocks…

  5. I hope you did put that all in the margins, those m#&*%*%&#.

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